9 Feb

Yes, I know, I don’t write, I don’t call….Sorry Mother.  For some reason I let things get on top of me (got ill, changed jobs, lost a dear friend  – RIP Lee) and despite my best intentions let the blogging slide.  So no posts since early December….

But you know what?  I’ve missed it,  so I’m back with some new stuff, and some of the old stuff (mixed up with potato and fried up as a kind of bubble’n’squeak), and hopefully a load of things for you check out on t’intenet and in person.  Gonna try a few new features, and maybe get some contributors in (going to try to get a friend to do a rare soul column) but will hopefully keep the same mix:  clothes (not fashion), music (that you can get – apart from the rare soul column of course) and tipping the wink to things that are not getting the props they deserve elsewhere.  But this time around: if you like anything leave a comment.  And if you don’t like anything: leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.


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