Mod on a budget – great soul comps for less than a Lady

5 Dec

OK, so like me you probably spend far more than you should on new music (or new old music, if you try and and keep up with the amazing flood of previously unobtainable stuff being released on CD and increasingly on vinyl).  But some times its nice to pick up an older compilation that, even though it contains some brilliant music, has significantly dropped in price on Amazon and the like (before they become rare and go up tenfold in price – you know how it is!).

I generally find these by doing an ‘Allmusic’ google to find out where I can pick up on a track that I’ve heard on the brilliant PY shows on Jazz FM, or Pete Mitchell’s Soul Time on the internet-only Absolute Radio, and then find the comps that they’re on are literally going for less than a song…but there are many paths to the garden (as the actress said to the bishop)

So these are a few for me that are keeping the wolf from the door….

1) ‘Soul Satisfaction’ series

The first one was compiled by Richard Searling, and has an understandably NS flavour, whereas the subsequent ones are put together by the brilliant Jo Wallace and reflect her Motown involvement, these are great comps that should cost you no more than a fiver if you look around – tracks below from vols 1 and 4 respectively, but they’re all good:

Natural Four ‘I Thought You Were Mine’

David Ruffin ‘Questions’


2) ‘Soul Allnighter: Metropolitan Soul Presents…60’s Stompers & 70’s Dancefloor Classics’

OK, a bit of a mouthful, but I found this when I was looking for Betty Moorer’s ‘Speed Up’ (which of course I already had on at least two other comps!) – I think Metropolitan Soul did a number of good Modern Soul comps around the same time (‘On The Real Side’ being one of these), but this is a lovely mix of NS stompers and modern soul gliders.  And currently available on Amazon for £3.14 (I’d try and knock ’em down if you can – outrageous!).

Here’s the immortal Betty:


3) Chris Clark ‘The Motown Collectiom’

Collecting (unsurprisingly!) all of her Motown output (including loads of great unreleased stuff).  It also contains the complete ‘Soul Sounds’ album (which would probably cost you 3 figures now for an original copy if you could find one) and the unreleased ‘CC Rides Again’.  Again, I paid a fiver for mine.

This is the wonderful ‘Do Right Baby, Do Right’:


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