Present and Correct: Fred Perry ‘Re-issues’

22 Sep

Now I think Fred Perry have managed their relaunch over the last few few years better than most:  the main label (which is probably not of a lot of interest to people here) provides a kind of ersatz ‘mod’ to the casual observer, while the ‘Laurel Wreath’ stuff provides the cooler stuff, both in terms of quality and also design (albeit at a price – though they always have really good mid and end of season sales that are worth watching out for).  They keep things fresh with the collaborations, which I personally find hit or miss, though there’s doubting the quality or the innovativeness of the designs (see the current Raf Simons pieces as a case in point – not my thing at all, but I’d imagine young skinny kids into the likes of the Strypes would be all over this stuff, and recent collaborations with the likes of Drakes and 6876 satisfy the more ‘mature’ punter).

However, some of the nicest recent stuff they’ve done through ‘Laurel Wreath’  has been their ‘Re-issues’ – lovely facsimile pieces from the 60s, 70s and 80s, with shirts, knitwear and Harringtons just tweaked enough to make them feel contemporary but still with that ‘less is more’ early 70s skin/suedehead feel.  Very smart and absolutely correct.  Clothes to make you stand taller and straighter in.


M3140_943_2      K1176_157_2     J1170_795_2



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