London Mod: Art Gallery Clothing

26 May


Second mention on the blog for Alex and the boys (see the ‘Yardie Cardie’ post below if you have the strength), but they really are worthy of your attention. Around since 1996, and available in a few shops (inc. ‘The Face’ just off Carnaby Street), they’re mainly an online operation who have developed a really nice line in what I’d call ‘London influenced’ Mod, based around the type of clothes that the Small Faces and the Who might’ve worn in the mid to late 60s – check the name of some of their pieces for an acknowledgement of their inspiration: ‘Lane’, ‘Steve’, ‘Moon’ etc.

So, again, complementary to what a lot of other people are doing and further proof that Mod really is a broad church, these are really nice casual pieces that work well with jeans or Sta-press. Specialists in knitwear (because that’s what they’re great at) they do some nice accessories, with shirts possibly to come. They do two main collections a year, plus two smaller mid-season collections to keep things fresh – the pics above and below are some examples from the latter and are available now. The lovely locations pics were shot at North London’s Queens Park (where the Jam’s ‘When Your Young’ video was shot – a nice touch).  Further proof that you can do great stuff on your own…. Oh, and they’re lovely people to deal with, with great after-sales service and loads of promo offers. So get on it!

984044_638635289497924_1202696480_n                922984_639155056112614_1896761377_n


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