‘Broader than Broadway’: The return of the Yardie Cardie

13 May


I don’t suppose they ever went away, but suddenly you can actually go into shops (or go onto t’internet in the modern fashion) and actually buy new copies of these that aren’t made to fit 15 stone original rude boys or smell of too many nights down the Lyceum Ballroom in 1979 (ah, the great smell of Watneys Red Barrel, Brut and stale sweat).  If the moths haven’t got them you can still search out the originals (go for Gabicci, or the copies the Duffer of st George made from the mid 80s onwards – a great example pictured above) but the examples below look great and are accessible and affordable.  And you’ll get one that doesn’t make you look like you’re channeling your inner Mike Reid (not necessarily a bad thing mind)


1. Art Gallery Clothing

A brilliant London-based company, around since 1996 who do a range of mod-inspired clothing though they major on knitwear.  Great stuff, quite fitted, and they always do one or two yardie cardies.  An example (‘Steve’) from their latest range is below, but you should check out their whole range.  And they’re lovely people to deal with (full feature on them coming soon, including an advance peek at their new collection available from June).



2. Jump The Gun

The Brighton dons are rightly celebrated for their good quality and affordable shirts and sta prest, plus a whole host of great accessories, but they also make some top-hole knitwear under their own label – the cardigan below is a great slim fit in a really nice colourway (I got loads of comments when I wore it to the aforementioned Record Store Day below) – they also do a nice long sleeved polo shirt version in a brown/red/yellow (better than it sounds – kind of ‘russet’ mod!).



3. Mendoza

Top of the tree, but worth the extra.  Leroy from Mendoza is on fire at the moment, with new stuff in every week pushing his late 60s/early 70s dandy agenda, and these yardie cardies are beautiful things to behold.  Available in a host of vibrant colours (plus the more staid but still lovely black’n’grey that I went  for) from his Brick Lane lair and again on-line, be quick as these are made in tiny numbers (and once they’re gone they’re never repeated, as he’s onto the next thing by then). And they bring us back full circle to the Duffer version at the top of this post, as the splendid Barrie K Sharpe (original Duffer boy and one of London clubland’s originals – more on him later I hope) had a hand in these as well.  Get on it!

timthumb.php        timthumb2.php



2 Responses to “‘Broader than Broadway’: The return of the Yardie Cardie”

  1. Scott May 13, 2013 at 12:58 pm #

    If you’re looking for originals feel free to check out a specialist vintage knitwear site : http://www.styleandclassics.com

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