Things You Can Buy: New 60s Influenced Jazz

13 Mar

One of the things this blog is about is pointing out things that you can actually go out and buy (or more likely browse the internet these days), rather than stare and gape at (like a big boys stamp club, or the Walthamstow chapter of the Penis Envy Society).

So…you like the Mod Jazz comps on Kent (tip: you must own all of these), and have picked up the classic Blue Note/Prestige/Atlantic releases, and want to get to get more of this stuff, but don’t want (or have the time or bank balance) to enter the world of eBay, record fairs etc. to get more into it.

Well, the good news is you don’t need to – why not check out some of great retro jazz sounds being made now, rather than wait for them to become rare/out of print and then not be able to afford them in 10 years time (yes, we’ve all been there).  And there’s always those Kent comps to do the collecting for you in the meantime…

These are all (fairly) recent purchases, and are well worth your attention if you like that sound:


1) Tim Lassy ‘In With Lassy’ (Schema)

Great Blue Note influenced album by the excellent Finnish saxophonist (ex-Five Corners Quintet, now recording with Schema, who’s releases should always be checked out – they’re normally brilliant).  Very rhythmic jazz, recorded live in the studio to give it that authentic mid 60s feel.  This is a live version of one of those tracks recorded in a nightclub (check the mirrorball – good to see that at a jazz gig):


2) Gaetano Partipilo ‘Besides – Songs From The Sixties’ (Schema)

Walking potential spelling mistake Gaetano releases a great mix of vocal and swinging jazz tracks, with an unsurprisingly 60s feel.  Big album on Jazz FM (don’t let that put you off) and championed by the likes of the splendid Peter Young (who we’ll do an appreciation of shortly).  If you liked Mario Biondi and Gregory Porter’s recent albums you’ll love this. Great version of ‘Right Now’ below:


3) Filthy Six ‘The Fox’ (Acid Jazz)

Second album from this Brit outfit, who offer a more swinging (and jazzy) version of that JTQ sound.  Great version vocal of Paul McCartney’s ‘Girlfriend’ on it, but this is perhaps more typical of their sound:


4) The Sidewinders ‘A Little Busy’ (Igloo)

Don’t know much about this mob, but they’re young and from Belgium, and they’re obviously Art Blakey/Horace Silver/Lee Morgan fans.  If you like this live version of one of their tracks you’ll like the whole album (available from my mates site:


5) Jonas Holgersson ‘4003’ (Prophone)

Named after the recording number of Art Blakey’s ‘Moanin” album on Blue Note (which makes Jonas a trainspotter’s trainspotter I guess), this is another late 50s/early 60s Blue Note influenced album.  Good band on a selection of tunes from the greats from that label (Hank Mobley, Grant Green, Herbie Hancock etc.).  Quite jazzy but very rhythmic – again available from


Get on it! (and let me know what you think)


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