Mendoza and the Dandy Tendency

12 Mar

1. Sta-press – check. 2. Loafers – tasseled, burgundy – check. 3. Harrington – checked, check….I think you get my drift.  Those things are lovely in their way, but the beauty of them is their utilitarian nature.  You can almost buy them sight unseen, as they’re always the same (which of course is the point).  But sometimes you want to stand out a bit, which is where Mendoza come in.

From humble beginnings as a denim and t shirt trader Leroy has built up an amazing stock of (own made) late 60s/early 70s inspired clothes in which the primary purpose is to impress.  From perfect ‘yardie cardies’ to brilliant ‘Sweet Boy’ double breasted suits, this is amazing stuff that no-one else is doing.  The kind of thing that Rod the Mod would have worn to sing with Long John Baldry or that Michael Caine would’ve slipped on for a night on the tiles down the Kings Road with Terry Stamp in 1969.  Wear it and dare to stand out.  And don’t just take my word for it: recent customers include the Kaiser Chiefs, Stone Roses, and Damien Lewis (yes, that one).

As Leroy would say, ‘Keep Calm and Dandy On’.

Sweetboy 2









2 Responses to “Mendoza and the Dandy Tendency”

  1. Agent00Soul March 12, 2013 at 3:48 pm #

    Agreed! The 60s defaults these days are tend to be either 1961-65 Ivy League/Modernist or 1968-69 hippie. Where are the peacocks of 1966-67? Am I the only one who likes colored shirts and double breasted jackets???

    • gavinhughes64 March 12, 2013 at 5:10 pm #

      Thanks Agent – ‘peacocks’ is the right word I think! Maybe we need more of a distinction between ‘day’ and ‘night’ wear? Anyway thanks for your comment, it’s much appreciated. And great name! Regards, Gavin.

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