A good buy: Delicious Junction ‘Rawlings’ shoes

11 Jan

A good buy: Delicious Junction 'Rawlings' shoes

Yes, I know, another shoe post, but you’ll get used to this. And you should always judge a gentleman by his zzzzzzzzz (sorry, who let Robert Elms in the building?). Anyway these are worthy of your attention, as is the company.

I recently saw mention of Delicious Junction on the excellent Mod Male blog (naff name but good blog – also American, which gives a refreshing spin on the whole Mod thing) and was vaguely aware that they’d done a Paolo Hewitt collaboration a couple of years back (that wasn’t really my thing). Turns out that collaborations are one of the things they major on (‘Rude Boy’ loafers with the Specials’ Neville Staple, desert boots with the lovely Gary Crowley), the other being a celebration of British youth culture from the 60s through the 80s (Mod, Ska/Two Tone, Skinhead, Northern Soul) – so definitely of interest to this site!

So what’s it like? Well some of it’s a bit heavily themed for my taste, and in terms of some of the classics they do (brogue and loafer for instance) you may be best to trade up to Loake etc. However, the shoes are fun, natty and well priced, so are well worth a gander. I took a punt on the ‘Rawlings’ pictured above (another collaboration, this time with veteran music journalist Terry Rawlings) and they’re great – chisel toed, quite narrow fit (though suede, so they’ll loosen up) and a lovely deep purple. They also do them in British racing green and burnt orange (nicer than they sound), and would look great with a pair of Jump The Gun Sta-press or jeans. More of a down the pub with your mates kind of shoe than something you’d wear to your next wedding or court appearance, but sometimes that’s all you want. All for £78 (inc. delivery in the UK). So get on it!

They also do a fanzine that is worth a browse (‘All In Good Time’, with a very cute girl on the cover) and have a statement of intent that we could’ve nicked for this site (if we’d been arsed): ‘The relationship between music and fashion is at the very heart of Delicious Junction, inspired from subcultures that have developed in the UK since the late ’50s and early 60’s, down to influencing today’s trends’. Damn Right! (thank you Isaac Hayes).

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