Love like youth is wasted on the young

10 Jan

Love like youth is wasted on the young

Well of course it isn’t, as this great photo of Frank and Ava enjoying a light lunch (and each other) shows (if today’s cockroach-like minor celebs want to learn how to conduct a romance in public then they only need to look at the above, or indeed any shot of them from the time – never did love, heartache and angst look so elegant…).

In fact falling in love when you’re older is amazing as you realise how precious and short-lived it can be…

But there’s no real substitute for that first time. This song (which came out when I was 13 – don’t do the math) always makes think of hanging around after school and endless summer holidays. And those brief kisses that you still remember even though you can’t recall the names of those who gave them to you (nice visuals to this as well – from a Scottish comedy called Lost Souls apparently – it also spares you the album shot of the Alessi Brothers, who sang this and looked like David Cassidy’s older brothers).


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