In praise of: The Loake Royal

9 Jan

In praise of:  The Loake Royal

A shoe to get you from Saturday night to Sunday morning (via a wet Thursday afternoon and a crafty late lunch on a Friday). People who know me know that I’ve got a fair smattering of shoes, but if I had to grab one pair if the house was alight and I’d winched the cats to safety, then it’d be these honeys. Not the most beautiful, or the most expensive (not by a long shot) but certainly the most correct. The ultimate post modern shoe as well (as any shoe bore will tell you): a reissue of a 1970s copy of an American copy of a traditional British shoe (got that?).  The black are nice (I’m wearing a pair today with a grey tweed suit) but you really need to get to the oxblood. As if you need me to tell you that… You can dance in them, go to work in them, and they look great when you’re making your way home in the early morning wondering ruefully where all those scuffs and stains came from.  And they polish up like the little diamonds they are.


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