A place to start

9 Jan

Just what the world needs eh?Another middle-aged bloke blogging to himself and his mates (well, himself mainly) about old records and sepia tinted trousers.  And fucking loafers.  Great you say…

But before you go (and if you are going thanks for dropping by – please come again, and next time bring that cute sister of yours along that I’ve always had a little thing for…) this is why I want to start this.

1.  Optimism

I don’t subscribe to the ‘it was always better back in the day, and if you were there then it was actually better the Thursday before you went’ brigade.  There’s loads of great stuff out there if you can be bothered to look for it.  And this (and all the other great blogs that I look at that I’ll try and list here as I find them) can maybe help you find it.  Music, clothes, art, design, films, photos…anything I like basically, and want to share

2. Belonging

In the last couple of years I’ve regained my enthusiasm for music and clothes (never fashion) by looking outside the mainstream. Although most of this  is retro in general and ‘Mod’ (whatever that means!) in particular, the key thing for me is that it exists with hardly any media attention and away from the consumerist mainstream (high street, mr porter, GQ blah blah blah) that we’re continually told is the only thing out there.  So I want to be part of that in a small way.

3. Not Belonging

Whatever happened to wanting to belong to a tribe but not wanting to be like everyone else?  Somewhere along the way British kids stopped wanting to do something that only they understood.  Instead they ended up looking like smaller versions of their parents.  Or their parents ended up looking like them.  Anyway they all look like shit…  This will hopefully be a celebration of wearing trousers (and skirts – girls are more than welcome!) that only you like and being excited about what you might find in a record store (remember them?).  About travelling on the tube and feeling awkward until you meet your mates.  About hearing a record in a club, or a pub, or someones front room, and starting to do that dance that you only do to that record…

….because It’ll Never Be Over For Me:


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